Tools & Implements: When Function Becomes Form

2017, de Young Museum residency and exhibition
An installation of deceptive objects inspired by the museum's collection and setting in Golden Gate Park. The residency coincided with the museum's blockbuster Summer of Love exhibition; blacklight traps and a "selfie lure" were installed near the installation entrance to draw unsuspecting viewers into the gallery space.
Performance: A Demonstration I
with: Maria Dawn

Performance: A Demonstration II
with de Young Museum interns and staff:
Riley Taylor, Nate Blanchard, Cooper Salmon

Museum staff, visitors, and local artists were invited to participate in the construction of decoys as part of a workshop that ran the course of the residency. Over 100 decoys were created out of a wide range of materials and all contributions were catalogued, labeled and displayed within the gallery for the duration of the exhibition. 

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