The Siren

2019, single-channel video, TRT: 14:36 min. (03:08 min. excerpt)

I Know It When I See It or The Crossed Eyes of the Beholder

2020, suite of nine archival pigment prints
Edition of 25 with 2 APs

︎︎︎ 3D red/cyan glasses recommended to view/reveal images. (Close one eye or turn your head.) 

Suite of prints layers public domain images from the Rijksmuseum and Metropolitan Museum of Art with engravings reproduced from a copy of the 1797 edition of the Marquis de Sade’s l'Histoire de Juliette. 

Forbidden Illusions

2019-20, suite of archival pigment prints examining artists’ depictions of forbidden knowledge

︎︎︎ 3D red/cyan glasses recommended to view/reveal images. ︎

Sirens, Silencers, Mufflers and Mutes

2019, solo exhibition tracing the shifting depiction of mythological Sirens comprised of tapestries, works on paper, altered bugles and lenticular print collages

︎︎︎ Bass & Reiner Gallery
︎︎︎ SF Chronicle review

︎︎︎ less than half

Not Seeing Is a Flower

2018, 4.7 x 39 feet
San Diego International Airport

Site-specific window installation employs floriography, a form of cryptographic communication historically used as a means to communicate messages otherwise difficult to speak aloud. The flowers in the composition all have a relationship to countries affected by the travel ban and the dense collage includes images of official national flowers, native plants, ceremonial bouquets and images appropriated from Colonial-era postage stamps.