Wine Dark See
Burke-Gilman Trail
Seattle, WA
March 1-Sept., 2021

Spirit of Disruption
Walter & McBean Galleries
San Franicsco, CA
March 19-July 3, 2021


I Know It When I See It or The Crossed Eyes of the Beholder

Suite of nine archival pigment prints, 2020
Edition of 25 with 2 APs

︎︎︎ 3D red/cyan glasses recommended to view/reveal images. (Close one eye or turn your head.) 

Series layers public domain images from th Rijksmuseum and Metropolitan Museum of Art with engravings reproduced from the 1797 edition of the Marquis de Sade’s novel l'Histoire de Juliette.

Forbidden Illusions

archival pigment prints, 2019-20

︎︎︎ 3D red/cyan glasses recommended to view/reveal images. (Close one eye or turn your head.) ︎

Constructed from public domain images, the resulting prints examine artists' depictions of forbidden knowledge and pull from a wide range of sources including the story of Adam and Eve; Homer's tale of Odysseus and the Sirens; the myth of Pandora; and the frontispiece to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

The Siren

2019, single-channel video, TRT: 14:36 min. (03:08 min. excerpt)

In The Siren, a mermaid-costumed protagonist anxiously scales the crumbling remains of a graffiti-covered bunker, perched precariously on a coastal cliff known as Devil’s Slide. As a low frequency audio score rumbles, the “siren” struggles to gain footing, bound by a garment that combines an image of kitsch seduction with an unsettling vulnerability.

Sirens, Silencers, Mufflers and Mutes

Bass & Reiner Gallery
May 29, 2019 - July 13, 2019

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Internet Archive Residency Exhibition

Ever Gold [Projects], June 29 - August 24, 2019

 Video: “2019 Internet Archive Arist in Residence: Whitney Lynn”